NodeUDesign LED Node

NodeUDesign’s configurable control modules are the ideal choice for any industrial application. With their flexible features and sleek design, you can automate all of your tasks with ease! This Plug and Play solution provides a way to automate industrial systems with programmable logic at the node level. These nodes can be customized with just enough I/O or communication options to fit your requirements without sacrificing future expandability, all in a compact design that reduces installation time when compared against other PLCs & SCADA systems. NodeUDesign's industrial ecosystem of I/O and communications can be integrated with nearly any existing hardware system with its Python-based logic programming.

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OEM & Integrator Starter Kit

If you are an automation integrator or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that's just getting started with NodeUDesign, this kit provides everything needed to integrate your system. We have combined some of the most commonly sold peripherals while allowing our customers choice in communications options. If you use Ethernet and Serial, then make sure that both communication peripherals have been selected for maximum compatibility.

NodeUDesign OEM & Integrator Kit
NodeUDesign LED Stack Light Node

LED Stack Light Node

Quickly mounted to machines and control cabinets alike, the LED Stack Light Node is a compact 24VDC stack light and controller that leverages ethernet communication to control inputs, outputs, status indications, and a myriad of other remote operations through a UDP command structure. This node includes 4 output channels, driving up to 2A each or 2 channels to control pneumatics, small motors, and relays, as well as, 5 inputs that support 0-10/30V, 0/4-20mA for any sensor input needs. The programmable configurations can be saved to and upgraded through the onboard uSD card.

MQTT Data Acquisition Node

The NodeUDesign MQTT Data Acquisition Node is a perfect tool for capturing data from your manufacturing floor. With 20 standard inputs (35 optional) and Ethernet communication over MQTT, you can be pushing information quickly! The onboard uSD card provides the user with a wealth of options for integration through Python programming. Providing intelligence into your industrial 4.0 system at the machine level increases its automation capabilities even further! All in a compact sealed enclosure that takes 12/24VDC power while supporting 0-10/30V, 0/4-20mA for any sensor input needs.


As robotics communications keep expanding, NodeUDesign remains a single source for your hardware and protocol needs:


Modbus TCP











NodeUDesign Communications

Input & Output

Node-to-node communication can support applications that require more than 40 I/O through any of our communication peripherals.

Analog Input Digital Input


32 Bit Encoder


PWM (Frequency/Duty)

Analog Output Digital Output