Modular Industrial Nodes With Logic

Node-U-Design creates powerful and configurable control modules (NUDs) to reduce the cost of time and labor needed to implement automation on the manufacturing floor while increasing speed and precision. Node-U-Design controllers can automate portions of large manufacturing systems or the entire solution in small to mid-sized applications. NUDs patent-pending architecture allows the integrator to configure the control modules based on the specific needs of the application.

Expand and re-configure based on your changing needs


C++ and/or Python3 


Sealed Aluminum Case. 

R&D to Product

Design your Custom Configuration and have us assemble them at scale 

Stack - Flip - Rotate

Node-U-Design (NUD) is a customizable Node for your automation needs. With up to 8 programmable peripherals, each with a dedicated micro-controller, so the user can increase speed and precision at the node level. With its modular architecture, you can test until you are ready to order your custom per-assembled configurations.

-Made in U.S.A.

What is a Node-U-Design

A NUD, or Node-U-Design, is a powerful and flexible node that can help solve your automation problems. 

The power of the NUD comes from the ability to program it, giving you unparalleled control of its behavior. As a user, you can develop custom functionality required for your particular project. But if custom code is beyond the scope of your project, you can configure it with pre-existing functionality to make the NUD behave similarly to other off-the-shelf slave products. Meaning that you only pay for what you need.

The flexibility of the NUD comes from the patented stackable design.  Consisting of a controller and up to 8 additional functional peripherals, the ever-expanding peripheral product listing means that you can configure a NUD from a seemingly endless set of combinations, ensuring you can find a NUD configuration to fit your needs.

NUDs can be added to distributed networks, and while it can act like an off-the-shelf device (like a CAN node), the on-board high-speed communication bus allows a NUD to react to connected inputs and drive connected outputs directly, thereby bypassing the network altogether, giving you much finer and more responsive control.

If you cannot create a configuration to solve your automation needs please contact us. We are always working on new products.