Modular Industrial Nodes With Logic

NodeUDesign creates powerful and configurable control modules (NUDs), designed to reduce the cost of time and labor needed to implement automation on the manufacturing floor, while increasing speed and precision. NUD controllers can automate portions of large manufacturing systems or the entire solution in small to mid-sized applications. NUDs patented design allows the integrator to configure control modules based on the specific needs of the application.

Expandable I/O
IP-67 Rated Dust & Waterproof

Modular Design

Versatile Options

High Quality Materials and Components

Patented Engineering Design

All Products Manufactured in the USA

Made in the USA

Drive Enterprise Data & MES Platforms

Ethernet: EtherNet/IP, MQTT, OPC-UA, MODBUS TCP
Serial: MODBUS RTU, RS232/485/422

Industry 4.0
Predictive Maintenance

IOT Solutions:
Critical Asset Monitoring, Real-Time Data Acquisition
Fault Detection, Data Reliability, Scheduled Maintenance

Pneumatics, Hydraulics,
& Valve Manifolds

Intelligent Control Systems:
Relays, Valve Manifolds
Analog, Digital, Encoder, Linear & PID Control

Robotics, Conveyors,
& Motor Control

Automated Manufacturing:
Welding, Material Removal,
Material Handling, Machine Tending