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The NodeUDesign (NUD) Input Peripheral provides your Node with up to five configurable inputs, each with built-in digital signal processing and digital filtering. The Input Peripheral may be configured to continually monitor inputs and drive customizable Event Triggers to the Brain upon met conditions. Digital, Voltage, Current, PWM Frequency & Duty Cycle, and Encoder input modes are available.

- ( 1 ) NUD Input Peripheral
- ( 1 ) NUD Peripheral Carrier

  Digital, Voltage, Current, PWM, Encoder Input Modes
  Built-In Digital Signal Processing and Digital Filtering
  Configurable Sample Frequency
  Configurable Event Triggers
  Module Location : Universal
  Weight W/Carrier : 80g
  # Input Channels : 5
  Input Voltage Range : 0 - 10V
  Input Current ( Single Ch. ) : 0-24mA
  Input PWM Frequency Range : 0 - 3KHz
  Input PWM Frequency Resolution : 0.1% / step
  Operating Temperature: -20C - +80C

  Operating Humidity: 5% - 95%

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