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The NodeUDesign (NUD) Brain is the core of the NUD controller system. The NUD Brain unites up to eight NUD Peripherals in any configuration - allowing a high level of customization and control over what features are necessary for the application. The NUD Brain’s flexible system is possible through an efficient bare-metal Python interpreter. Code is executed on a high performance 32-bit ARM Cortex M7 processor. It is designed to seamlessly meld one of the most popular programming languages in modern software development - Python - with the swiftness and low-level abilities of C++.    

- ( 1 ) NUD Brain
- ( 1 ) NUD Peripheral Carrier

  Module Location: Universal
  Weight W/Carrier: 80g
  Processor: 216Mhz Cortex-M7 Processor
  Memory: 192KB SRAM
  Connectivity: 8 Universal Sockets
  Program support: Python3 & C++
  Input Power: 9-36V @ 100mA
  Output Power: 3.3V & 12V
  EEPROM: 128 KB

  Flash: 1MB Internal
  Micro SD Card: Up to 32GB (Included)
  Operating Temperature: -20C - +120C

  Operating Humidity: 5% - 95%
Instruction Time:
  Conditional: 20uS
  Mathematical: 20uS
  Peripheral Scan: 500uS

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