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The NodeUDesign (NUD) Spring Terminal Peripheral is a simple and convenient interface between the outside world and the Node. High-Quality terminal blocks offer robust electrical connections and thermal characteristics in most environments. The IP-67-Rated NUD 1/2" Node Cover or the threaded-pipe mountable NUD M16 Node Cover may be stacked on top of the NUD Spring Terminal Peripheral for added functionality. NUD DIN and Panel Mounts may be added to any Node Cover to conveniently Panel Mount or 35mm DIN rail mount your node.

Included :
- ( 1 ) NUD Spring Terminal Peripheral
- ( 4 ) M3 x 8 Bolts

Optional :
- ( 1 ) NUD 1/2" Conduit Stack Cover & Peripheral Double Carrier
- ( 1 ) NUD M16 Stack Cover & Peripheral Double Carrier

  High-Quality spring terminal blocks

  Module Location: End Cap
  Weight W/Carrier: 180g
  Connectivity: 8 Universal Sockets
  Four 14-Pin Terminal Blocks
  Operating Temperature: -20C - +80C

  Operating Humidity: 5% - 95%


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